About Us

Company History

From when the company was founded, by Mr. Sudeep Jospeh in Year 2009 to today,JS International, has been growing and thriving due to the distribution of the top quality multi-action skin care treatment product range, Histomer.JS International currently in the sole and only distributor of Histomer. JS International aims to introduce Histomer and reveal why it is one of the top brands in the world.

What the company does

JS International is a distribution company and its main focus is the multi-action skin care treatment product, Histomer. Not only does JS International distributes, but also educates spa and salons on the proper techniques of professional skin care treatment.


Vision Statement

At JS International, our vision is to be the best company in the eyes of our clients. We aim to be the company most admired for its quality and service. We will earn our consumer's trust and loyalty by continuous improvement powered by the integrity, teamwork and dedication of JS International staff.

Mission Statement

In carrying out our mission, JS International commits to support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value. Also that JS International becomes an integral part of our customer's success by providing outstanding technical knowledge, experience, and unparalleled support.

Business goals & objectives

i.To educate salons, spas, and beauty centers on proper technique of skin care treatment.
ii. To continue improving customer service and support by maintaining good customer relations.
iii. To expand JS International and experience more growth. Our goal is to increase growth by 40% in the coming years.
iv.To increase profitability by ensuring all resources employed are used to its fullest capability.

Business Competitiveness

JS International has a particular competitive edge in the market by employing all women for the sales and technical staff. This is valuable as many of the distribution companies employ male staff; JS International has the upper hand as our staff can enter beauty centers, spas and salon that are only female-biased whereas the male counterparts cannot.

JS International remains competitive in the market by reaching out to many foreign clients. Our female personnel are able to speak English and Arabic, thus are able to communicate and claim a wider client list.

Quality policy & objectives

JS International ensures that our products are up to the standard of the country and the standard of our clients. Thus, all our Histomer products are registered with Dubai's municipality.
(See Municipality documents attached in appendix)

Management & Ownership

Office and Administrative personnel

JS International office and administrative personnel consists of our managing director, commercial manager, secretary, and driver. The managing director and owner, Mr. Sudeep Joseph, is in charge of the major business endeavors and directing the entire personnel of JS International. The secretary is assisting the director for all his administrative work and is available in the JS International office if Mr. Sudeep is unavailable. The driver takes care of the deliveries of the Histomer products to where needed in accordance with the delivery policy of the company, ie, for Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman - within 24 hours, and the other emirates – within 48 hours. JS International is also carryout deliveries within 'hours' subject to emergency of the client.

Sales and Technical personnel

JS International sales personnel consist of six female sales executive personnel. Each sales personnel are responsible for one or more particular areas of the UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, etc. Each sale executive is also thoroughly trained practitioners in the Histomer products thus are fully capable of conducting certified training sessions for spas, salons, and beauty centres. This enables our valued customers to avail continuous technical support with less time.

Future projects

JS International has many future projects at hand. Currently, it is establishing offices in Oman and Morroco as it aims to enter and compete in the South African market with Histomer.

In the year 2012, JS International plans to set up branch offices in India, Kuwait and Bahrain.